Not the Wall of China, This is the Building Seen from Space Tech – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The infrastructure development carried out by humans is very impressive. There are even some buildings that can be seen from space.

Astronomers working in outer space witnessed several buildings on earth, even without the help of tools.

For your information, outer space itself refers to karman lines. This marks the boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space, located 100 kilometers above the Earth’s surface.

“The Karman line is an approximate area that shows the height at which a satellite can orbit the Earth without burning up or falling out of orbit before circling the Earth at least once,” explained Katrina Bossert, a space physicist at Arizona State University, quoted from Live Science.

But the Wall of China, one of the world’s largest structures, is not on the list of what is visible from space. This was acknowledged by the former Commander of the International Space Station (ISS), Chris Hadfield.

According to him, the Great Wall of China is too narrow to be seen from space. The building also follows the contours and natural colors of the surrounding geography.

The following is a list of buildings that can be seen easily from space, summarized by CNBC Indonesia, Saturday (18/11/2023):

1. Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island in Dubai. These islands can be seen from the Karman Line. Even the ISS station at an altitude of 400 km above sea level can also see it.

But on the ISS you need tools. Astronauts there saw it using an 800 mm lens.

2. Pyramids of Giza

Specifically for the Giza Pyramids, there are two opinions regarding their appearance in space. British astronaut Tim Peake said the building was not visible, but the massive structure could be seen with an 800mm lens.

In contrast, former NASA astronaut and ISIS commander Leroy Chiao said the pyramids could be seen from orbit. It can even be seen clearly with the naked eye.

“There is a lot to see from the ISS, even with the naked eye,” he said. “For example once discovered a large pyramid with a telephoto and was able to pick out two large ones with the naked eye, as long as the lighting and weather conditions were good, as two small dots.”

3. Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam is a giant dam on China’s Yangtze River. It reaches 185 meters in height and is more than 2km long.

The building is the world’s largest electricity generating facility. Three Gorges Dam is also the most expensive hydroelectric dam ever built

4. Bingham Canyon Mine

This mine can also be seen clearly from space. It is located 32 km southeast of Salt Lake City.

Bingham Canyon is clearly visible from the Karman Line without aids. Apart from that, it can also be seen from the space shuttle which flies 305-531 km above sea level.

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