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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) Jakarta confirmed that one patient with monkey pox or mpox died, but his death was not caused by this rare zoonotic disease, Thursday (23/11/2023).

A specialist in internal medicine, subspecialist in tropical and infectious diseases, dr. Lie Khie Chen, stated that the patient concerned had indeed experienced a bad condition since entering RSCM so the main cause of death was not due to the monkeypox virus.

“This patient was indeed complicated. So, he was admitted to RSCM with a problematic condition and had to undergo surgery so that the cause of death was not due to mpox, but due to other comorbidities,” explained Dr. Khie Chen in an online press conference, Thursday (23/11/2023).

Furthermore, Dr. Khie Chen said that the patient who died had digestive problems, namely disruption of intestinal flow due to obstruction.

“After the operation, the patient’s condition was quite stable. However, due to other comorbidities and the condition of the lesions due to mpox which were quite numerous and severe. This resulted in a complication condition so that within two weeks of treatment, very serious complications arose in the lungs,” explained Dr. Khie Chen.

“We have tried to overcome it, but the patient’s condition is too serious and cannot be helped. All medical efforts have been made and maximized, but because of other comorbidities which aggravate the patient’s condition [jadi tidak bisa diselamatkan],” he continued.

On the same occasion, the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes RI) revealed that as of Wednesday (22/11/2023), the total number of confirmed cases of mpox in Indonesia was 57 people.

“Eight people are still suspected or have been examined, but the laboratory results have not yet come out. Then, 191 people were declared negative by laboratory results and 33 have recovered,” explained the Director of Health Quarantine Surveillance (SKK) of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Dr. . Achmad Farchanny.

Dr. Achmad said that DKI Jakarta was recorded as the province with the highest number of reported mpox cases in Indonesia, namely 42 confirmed cases. Meanwhile, Banten and West Java followed as the provinces with the most cases, namely six cases each.

“Then East Java with a total of two confirmed cases and Riau Islands Province with one confirmed case,” said Dr. Ahmad.

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