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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Kiki Fatmala’s passing certainly left a deep feeling of sadness for her colleagues, including Ozi Syahputra. Ozi admitted that if it weren’t for Kiki’s advice, Ozi might not have had a home.

“I learned a lot from Kiki, I know that I’m a wasteful person, she (Kiki) likes to say, ‘Don’t be wasteful! Buy land, buy a house!’ “If it weren’t for him, I would never have had a house,” said Ozi when he was a guest star on BROWNIS, Trans TV, recently.

Apart from being mature and clever at managing finances, this six-year-old senior actor also said that Kiki is someone who really loves his work in the entertainment sector. Kiki is always enthusiastic when invited to go shooting and other things.

Even though she lost assets due to medical treatment because she didn’t have insurance, Kiki Fatmala can be said to be quite good at financial planning. Ozi himself said that even though Kiki was much younger than him, Kiki’s hard life background made Kiki a reliable figure in increasing his income for a living.

In his old age, Kiki became a successful person and was never hit by news of financial difficulties.

From the story of Kiki’s career in the entertainment world, we can learn about asset accumulation in productive age.

Purchase investment assets during your productive age

When someone achieves financial freedom, it is legal for them to spend money for the things they want. However, when the money is mostly used to buy goods with depreciating value or mere entertainment, the money you have can shrink.

In financial planning, jewelry, cars, motorbikes, furniture, gadgets and several items for daily needs are classified as utility assets.

It is called a utility asset because its purpose is for daily use or usage. Often the value of these assets experiences depreciation or decline.

The more useful assets we have, the easier it is for our net worth to depreciate in the future. If you really want your wealth to be well maintained, then buy investment assets regularly.

An asset is declared an investment asset because the value of the asset can increase in the future or generate passive income for the owner.

It’s good for all of us to be balanced in terms of asset ownership. Strive to ensure that the total value of the investment assets we own is above 50% of our net worth.

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