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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Pet insurance will sound strange to your ears, but make no mistake, this product is very reasonable to sell to the public. And in Indonesia, insurance products like this are already available on the market.

Just like other insurance, pet insurance will provide financial protection when a risk or disaster befalls your pet.

Talking about this insurance, animal insurance is actually a derivative of general insurance. But the type of protection at first glance is similar to life and health insurance.

For those of you who are interested in buying insurance for your pet? Here are the things you should pay attention to first.

Get to know the benefits

Of course, death due to accidents and cremation are part of the benefits of this pet insurance. Apart from that, compensation costs when treatment occurs at a veterinary hospital is also one of them.

But make no mistake, this insurance will also cover third party medical costs if your pet injures a person or other animal.

Compensation can also be obtained as a reward for those who succeed in finding your pet if he is lost.

Remember, there are exceptions too

Even though the benefits seem complete, there will always be exceptions to insurance. Pet insurance generally will not cover death due to killing by the insured party, food poisoning, birth complications, death in pet care, illness, or death that occurs less than 30 days after the insurance policy begins.

There are also medical or hospitalization costs that are not covered by the company, and of course there are many other exceptions that policyholders must be aware of.

How much is the premium?

Premiums vary of course, and it all depends on the price of your pet as well. However, be aware that the amount can start from IDR 75 thousand per year.

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Note! This is the ideal death benefit for life insurance