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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Indonesian Minister of Defense (Menhan) and Indonesian Presidential Candidate (Capres) Prabowo Subianto said that Indonesia is capable of producing fuel oil (BBM) and no longer needs to depend on foreign imports.

Prabowo made this claim while attending the West Java (Jabar) 2023 Regional Working Meeting of the Association of Indonesian Village Governments (APDESI) at GOR C-Tra Arena Bandung, Thursday (23/11/2023). “We will produce fuel from Indonesian soil. Indonesia will no longer need to import fuel,” said Prabowo.

He is optimistic that Indonesia will be able to produce fuel from plants, which he calls green fuel. In the future, green energy will achieve zero emissions and not damage the country’s environment.

“We will be the only country in the world that can produce all fuel from plants and this is healthy. What will be considered later is green fuel, green energy, energy that does not damage the environment,” said Prabowo.

On that occasion, the general chairman of the Greater Indonesia Movement Party said that realizing food self-sufficiency was an important part of efforts to build Indonesia’s defense. Therefore, he invited village officials, especially village heads, to participate in achieving this common goal.

“Villages as a source of food are very vital. We are connected, therefore soon I think village heads will be invited,” said Prabowo.

“We will deploy Babinsa, TNI, officers from the Ministry of Agriculture, all of whom will invite village heads to increase food production in all villages in Indonesia. This is in order to build our defense,” he added.

Prabowo emphasized that meeting food needs is the main thing that must be achieved before maximizing the capabilities of defense equipment. This is because sophisticated military equipment can only function optimally if TNI personnel have maximum physical and capability capabilities.

“We may have the most powerful tools, but if we don’t have rice, we can’t make anything. If soldiers want to go to war, they have to have rice first, they have to secure it first,” he said.

Prabowo continued, the vast geography and diversity of food sources have the potential to make Indonesia not only independent but also become the world’s food basket. He believes that with the right leadership this can be realized.

“Thank God, our food sources are very large and soon we will return to food self-sufficiency under the new minister of agriculture, Mr. Amran Sulaiman and his team,” he said.

“God willing, we will return to food self-sufficiency. But not only will we be self-sufficient in food, we will also become the world’s food basket, brothers and sisters,” he continued.

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