Princess Diana’s dress is auctioned, its value could reach IDR 3.1 billion Lifestyle – 7 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaOne of Princess Diana’s iconic dresses will be auctioned in an event entitled ‘Julien’s Auctions Unstoppable: Signature Styles of Iconic Women in Fashion’ on Thursday, January 11 2024 online (on line).

Launching from Daily Mail, Princess Diana’s iconic dress being auctioned is a black silk velvet dress designed by Catherine Walker. In detail, the dress is modeled off the shoulder (open shoulders) with white striped accents on the shoulders, wrists and bottom of the shirt.

This dress is one of the biggest items up for bid with an estimate of US$100 thousand to US$200 thousand or around IDR 1.56 billion to IDR 3.12 billion (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 15,616/US$).

Photo: Princess Diana. (Credit: © David Bailey/Screenshot)

Apart from the dress worn by Princess Diana, ‘Julien’s Auctions Unstoppable: Signature Styles of Iconic Women in Fashion’ will also auction the ‘Kelly Green’ dress from Grantchy that Grace Kelly wore when she was Princess of Monaco.

It is estimated that the green dress with a matching ribbon accent at the waist is worth around US$60 thousand to US$80 thousand or around Rp. 936.86 million to Rp. 1.24 billion.

According to reports, Grace Kelly wore this green dress when she visited the White House in May 1961 with her husband, Prince Rainier, who met with the then President of the United States (US), John F. Kennedy.

Not only Princess Diana and Grace Kelly’s clothes, the dress worn by British actress Audrey Hepburn will also be auctioned at ‘Julien’s Auctions Unstoppable: Signature Styles of Iconic Women in Fashion’.

Meanwhile, Hepburn’s dress being auctioned is a white dress with a light blue velvet ribbon accent from Yves Saint Laurent (YSL). The dress worn at her child’s christening in 1970 is estimated to sell for around US$10 thousand to US$20 thousand, IDR 156.17 million to IDR 312.34 million.

Then, the kaftan belonging to Hollywood legend, Elizabeth Taylor, will also be auctioned at this event. This ivory white dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld was worn when playing Sissy Goforth in the film Boom! In 1968.

This caftan, which is accented with clusters of white shells on the neck and wrists, will be auctioned with matching shell earrings. It is estimated that this kaftan is worth US$4 thousand to US$6 thousand or around Rp. 62.46 million to Rp. 93.7 million.

Apart from that, a series of other fashion items belonging to famous figures, such as Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, and Cher, will also be auctioned at the same event.

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