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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – TikTok Shop will definitely reopen in RI. Currently, the platform is said to be still in the process of complying with the regulations in force in the country.

However, a replacement for TikTok Shop is quietly available in RI. None other than the Temu application, which is an online buying and selling platform from China that sells goods directly from factories to consumers.

Monitoring CNBC IndonesiaThursday (23/11/2023), Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire can be found on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

When investigated, Temu was also behind the Whalek application. The platform provides short message exchange, video meetings, and other productive features.

Once installed and opened, Temu looks the same as other e-commerce. On the front page several discounted prices are displayed and information regarding offers of free shipping and free returns.

Temu also divides its products into several categories. Starting from home appliances, women’s clothes and shoes, men’s clothes and shoes, sports clothes, children’s and baby clothes, electronic devices, games and automotive.

Photo: Temu Application Display (CNBC Indonesia/Novina)
Temu Application Display

In his statement in the application, Temu explains that the application is a marketplace to connect consumers with sellers, producers and brands. The application also states that it will offer quality products at affordable prices.

“Temu is committed to offering quality and affordable products for consumers and sellers to realize their dreams in an inclusive environment,” wrote Temu.

Temu explained that the products sold would be delivered through a global network of suppliers and manufacturers. The platform also collaborates with various logistics partners.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is not yet included in the countries or regions served. Several countries on the list include England, Japan, Italy and neighboring Malaysia.

Users can choose countries to shop. When you have chosen, the price, shipping costs, taxes and the existence of goods will be displayed which are different in each country.

This also includes the type of currency used. For example, in the UK it will be served in Pound Sterling and in Japan it will be served in Yen.

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