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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Meta’s efforts to compete with X (formerly Twitter) finally paid off. The Threads service, which was launched last August, has now beaten X in terms of the number of new downloads.

Elon Musk’s X recently had to be willing to lose its money machine due to many advertisers abandoning it. This started with Musk’s comments which were considered anti-Jewish.

Meanwhile, Threads, which was immediately popular when it first launched, has declined over the last few months. However, the latest data shows that the number of new Threads downloads began to increase throughout November.

Threads is gaining popularity outside the US. According to Apptopia, the most Threads downloads came from India, namely 9.2 million downloads or contributing to 11.2% of the total downloads achieved.

Meanwhile, even though downloads

The US, Indonesia and India contributed most significantly to the number of new downloads

At least, companies that still advertise on X can distribute their content to US, Indonesian and Indian citizens who are still interested in trying out X.

However, when combined, the number of new downloads is still less than Threads.

Apptopia said the decline in the number of new downloads for X was due to its name changing from Twitter. Presumably, Elon Musk’s service is aware of this.

Since late September, X has added the words ‘formerly Twitter’ to its app description. This information is considered important to make people ‘geek’ that X is none other than Twitter.

Even though X’s new download numbers are sluggish, the light version of ‘Twitter Lite’ has actually grown significantly. This confirms that Twitter’s branding is very attached and the name change to X has a negative impact.

According to Sensor Tower, Twitter Lite download numbers jumped 350% after Twitter changed its name to X. The reason is, Twitter Lite still carries the same name, it was not changed to X Lite.

Threads’ significant download growth has not been able to beat X’s total active users. To date, X has 500 million monthly active users (MAU), while Threads will be below 100 million in October 2023.

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