RI Citizens Will Have Digital Identity, Here’s the Explanation Tech – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the second revision of the Information and Electronics (ITE) Law there will be an additional new topic regarding Digital ID. This identity is also adjusted to the Personal Data Protection Law (PDP Law).

Director General of Information Applications at the Ministry of Communication and Information, Semuel Pangerapan, explained the idea of ​​creating a Digital ID because Indonesia has entered the digital era and there are many transactions in it. With these activities, internet users’ personal data is also often exchanged.

“What happens next is that only our ID will be circulated digitally, which is in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law,” said Semuel in a press conference, Thursday (23/11/2023). “It’s impossible for us to distribute all our transaction data here and there. There are provisions governing how to use Digital ID.”

It is hoped that the existence of Digital ID will make transactions faster, safer and more comfortable. All data exchanged remains the same but is made much more secure.

“The hope is that with this Digital ID, transactions will be faster and will also be safer and more comfortable. Because our data is not exchanged exactly, including names, addresses, there is only a Digital ID. This is what we hope can increase the sense of security and comfort in carrying out digital transactions,” he explained.

Digital ID can be in the form of a number or a regulated algorithm. Identity cannot be seen by just anyone, only between the owner and those who manage the data.

This digital identity will serve as verification when carrying out transactions in the digital space. So you can know that the owner of the data is a genuine person and has not borrowed other people’s data.

“So there must be data that can be used and verified by the publisher that oh yes, this is true, this person is there, not AI, not borrowing other people’s data,” said Semuel.

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