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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The increasing number of YouTubers and TikTokers does not benefit the Indonesian economy. The only parties who make big profits are the social media platforms.

Wishutama, former Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, said that this fact also added to the potential losses in the hands of the Indonesian people. Because each creator’s advertising revenue is actually shrinking because the number of competitors continues to increase.

On the other hand, digital advertising spending is stagnant because no new economic activity is being created.

“Many people come to us, saying it’s good, because they already have millions of content creators. That’s just for new content creators, they are the ones who profit, the number of shares increases. The size remains the same, digital adex [iklan digital] only that much,” said Wishnutama.

Not only related to creators, the same thing also happens in the e-commerce sector. The addition of MSMEs on digital platforms also does not have a big impact on the economy.

Because what is actually happening is just a shift in the economy which was previously offline, now online. Wishnutama explained that no new economy had been created.

“Increasing sales on e-commerce platforms does not create a new economy. There are new dividers, because of size [ekonomi] no bigger,” he said.

So, according to him, the concept of encouraging a digital economy is not appropriate. There is another way to create a new economy, namely by utilizing technology and digital platforms.

“[Jangan] “Those who get the benefits are actually foreigners, even though the opportunity is that, going forward, digital economic growth will be very exponential,” said Wishnutama.

Data on Indonesia’s digital economy is also dominated by foreigners. The only thing that is still fully controlled by local players is the digital economy in the financial sector.

Meanwhile, the highest foreign control is in the media and advertising sector, only 35% of IDR 88 trillion for local players. Meanwhile, 44% of the e-commerce market of IDR 877 trillion is utilized locally.

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