Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards Intensively Innovation and Adaptive, Jalin Wins This Award Tech – 10 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The largest and most integrated economic media, CNBC Indonesia, is holding the 2023 Road to CNBC Awards ‘Best Financial Services’ as a form of appreciation for the performance of the financial services sector today. This sector is considered to be maintained stable amidst global uncertainty, and contributes to the acceleration of the national economy.

For the Most Reliable & Innovative Payment Infrastructure Services category, Road to CNBC Indonesia ‘Best Financial Services’ was awarded to PT Jalin Payment Nusantara. This award was handed over directly to the Main Director of Jalin Ario Tejo Bayu Aji.

“We would like to thank God Almighty, then the commissioners, and shareholders, as well as all Jalin members who have supported Jalin to date, and thank CNBC Indonesia through its research for providing an objective assessment and one appreciation for all the initiatives carried out we will do it in 2023,” he said at the Road to CNBC Awards 2023 ‘Best Financial Services’, Monday (20/11/2023).

It is known that Jalin is a company that manages LINK switching network services and has the largest market share in the debit switching product category. By holding the status as a Payment System Infrastructure Organizing (PIP) institution, Jalin has begun to transform into a digital enabler that connects society with financial and non-financial ecosystems according to the company’s plan to become “The National Digital Highway”.

Jalin’s main services and products focus on digitizing banking products, switching services (clearing ATM cards, Debit cards, GPN, and Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS)) as well as virtual ATMs.

Ario revealed that 2023 will be a challenging year for the financial services sector. However, Jalin will continue to contribute in the form of services and solutions to the community.

“We hope that this appreciation will encourage Jalin to continue to provide the best service and technological innovation, and a leading payment system that will provide solutions for members and the wider community,” he added.

Currently, Jalin is recorded as having more than 40 members from the banking and fintech industry in the country. Jalin is also a member of the Indonesian Payment System Association (ASPI) as well as being one of the shareholders of PT National Electronic Transaction Settlement (PT PTEN) which acts as a Services Institution for GPN.

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