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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesiaa – Internet speed in Indonesia is still a concern because it is still slow compared to other countries, both for the network mobile nor fixed broadband. The Speedtest Global Index report as of July 2023 mentions internet speed mobile Indonesia is ranked 96th out of 143 countries in the world, while internet speed mobile the average in Indonesia is 24.21 Mbps.

PLN ICON Plus President Director Ari Rahmat Indra Cahyadi has prepared various steps to increase internet speed in Indonesia. According to him, internet speed is influenced by the usage habits of Indonesian people, so it needs to be developed supplies And demand continuously.

“We see this being influenced a lot demand behavior customers in using the internet and availability of content. “This is what I see as a supply-demand ecosystem that needs to be built sustainably so that internet penetration is higher,” he said in Road to CNBC Indonesia Best Telco and Tech Companies, Thursday (23/11/2023).

He also revealed that his party has the technology to overcome internet speed problems. So what needs to be done is to strengthen its use bandwidth from society.

“So, we see that the technology is already available. This means that society’s needs are up to 100 megabytes, even 1 gigabytes available in technology,” explained Ari.

For this reason, he said, PLN ICON Plus has provided smart home, a service that can increase internet speed in Indonesia.

“We’ll see smarthome become demand because in many countries, such as South Korea, this demand makes a positive contribution. So PLN ICON plus launched smart home bundling. There is also content. This will improve bandwidth, “We are currently preparing both streaming content and electricity,” explained Ari.

It is known that PLN ICON Plus presents a company that provides internet services which are also paired with electricity-related services. Meanwhile, PLN ICON Plus targets the retail segment with services bundling, namely installing or paying for internet and electricity.

“That’s why we are always challenged to innovate in developing content that can increase usage bandwidth,” he concluded.

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