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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – It is said that many Indonesians still choose to seek treatment abroad rather than at home. For this reason, the government is making various efforts to improve the quality of health services in the country.

Deputy Minister of Health Dante Saksono Harbuwono is committed to increasing public interest in health tourism in the country. One of them is the thematic service model, so that people can choose services based on their complaints.

“For example, there is center excellent “diabetes, integrated heart center, aesthetic clinic, that’s one thing that can attract consumers based on their understanding of the complaints that arise,” said Dante at the Road to CNBC Indonesia Awards ‘Best Healthcare Companies’, Wednesday (6/12/2023).

Apart from that, providing good service is also an important point so that people want to seek treatment domestically. According to him, so far Indonesian people are still not comfortable when seeking treatment.

“Third, creating adequate quality and human resources. Our doctors are never inferior in quality to doctors abroad because the curriculum used is the same. It’s just a matter of trust,” he said.

Apart from that, cheaper medical costs are the reason why people still seek treatment abroad. For this reason, domestic production of medicines and medical devices must be increased.

“One component that can make it cheaper is that the drug must be produced in Indonesia,” he said.

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