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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Local brands & MSMEs received many blessings with the presence of the Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival.

This event, which lasted until 10 October, was a real form of action because it provided opportunities and possibilities for local brands & MSMEs to strengthen the growth potential of their products.

High user enthusiasm for Shopping for necessities and enjoying the excitement presented is one of the significant aspects, where the number of products sold from local brands & MSMEs increased more than 9 times at the peak of the campaign compared to normal days.

This shows that the campaign is not only a shopping destination that can be utilized by buyers, but also momentum for local brands & MSMEs to take advantage of the collaboration that has been presented to further expand their reach.

“All the campaigns we have at Shopee are always based on a commitment to always answer the requests and needs of the entire Shopee ecosystem. In line with the mission of #ShopeeThereForMSMEs, we are very happy to see how local brands and MSMEs can grow and be helped by the presence of this year’s 10.10 Brands Festival campaign. “The influence generated through Shopee’s collaboration with business actors also has a positive impact on the business performance of local brands & MSMEs. In the future, Shopee will continue to present various innovations and initiatives that provide benefits to our entire ecosystem,” said the Head of Brands Management & Digital Product. Shopee Indonesia, Daniel Minardi, Saturday (14/10/2023).

Shopee 10.10 presents collaboration to strengthen the business growth potential of local brands & MSMEs

Various strategies and initiatives continue to be presented by local brands and MSMEs collaborating with Shopee through the 10.10 campaign this time. Special promotions, offers non-stop, as well as Shopee Super Brand Day innovations from brand partners that make it easier User access to get products also provides wider exposure and reach for the brand.

In fact, this strategy has resulted in local brands & MSMEs, especially in the Beauty, Home Living and Fashion categories, gaining high enthusiasm and a significant increase in transactions. This is due to the attraction of users in searching for products offered from these favorite categories during the peak of the 10.10 campaign.

The advantages and benefits of shopping during the 10.10 campaign that were felt by users also had a positive impact on local brand partners Paragon Corp and Somethingnc.

They felt extraordinary enthusiasm from users when taking advantage of special promos during the campaign period, especially with the presence of 24-hour offers during Super Brand Day on September 27.

Not only that, even at the peak of the 10.10 Brands Festival campaign, Paragon Corp managed to record a 16-fold increase in transactions compared to normal days through sales of Wardah, MAKE OVER, Emina and Kahf products.

Apart from that, coinciding with Shopee Super Brand Day Something on October 5th was a collaboration moment in launching the latest special products for Shopee users through two new glowing exfoliating serum products, namely Somethinc 5% Mandelic Acid Mild Exfoliating Serum and 10% Lactic + Glycolic Peeling Serum which are user favorites.

At the peak of the 10.10 campaign, Somethinc transactions also increased more than 14 times fold compared to normal days.

Shopee Export Program helps MSMEs reach international markets

The success of local brands and MSMEs is supported by various initiatives and programs by Shopee have to develop the business, including through the Shopee Export Program. Apart from recording sales in the ongoing 10.10 campaign, the Shopee Export Program also provides an opportunity for local brands and MSMEs to expand the reach of their products to overseas markets and provide an increase in export transactions of up to 3 times at the peak of 10.10 compared to normal days.

One of the local brands that experienced an increase in export orders during the 10.10 Brands Festival campaign was Kevin Naftali, owner of a fashion business called Official in Tangerang.

His business started in 2011 with knitwear products which were quite different from the men’s fashion products that were selling well on the market at that time. However, in 2017, Kevin started reading the market until finally he added life wear products to one of his selling products and joined Shopee to expand his market.

One of the important steps in Kevas’ journey was also joining the Shopee Export Program in 2019. In the past year, they have successfully exported Kevas products to Southeast Asia and Latin America. Now 25 percent of’s turnover comes from exports with Shopee. In fact, at the peak of the 10.10 Brands Festival campaign, the number of export transactions increased 5 times compared to normal days.

“The success of local brands and MSMEs at the 10.10 Brands Festival is an encouragement for Shopee to continue to innovate and present various new breakthroughs so that their business growth can be even faster with the digital ecosystem,” concluded Daniel.

For this reason, immediately download the Shopee application for free on the App Store or Google Play Store, and activate ShopeePay for a more comfortable and practical shopping experience.

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