Sandiaga Says There Are Indonesian Products That Are Wrongly Targeted by Lifestyle Boycotts – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga Uno, revealed that a number of creative economy actors in Indonesia were the wrong targets of boycotts from actions to defend Palestine.

“What has had an impact and is in the process of being reported to us is the boycott of creative economy products that is felt by entrepreneurs,” said Sandi in a media meeting at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy office, Jakarta, Monday (4/12/2023).

Sandi said that creative economy players in Indonesia admitted that they had experienced a significant decline in sales because they were affected by the wrong target of the boycott carried out by Palestinian supporters in Indonesia. However, he did not specifically mention the product in question or the value of the losses suffered by business actors.

“Entrepreneurs [sudah] said that the product was not an Israeli product or had anything to do with the conflict,” explained Sandi.

“But due to the boycott which has been widely voiced among the public, even though it has been denied several times, this has resulted in a decline in sales,” he continued.

Thus, Sandi appealed to the public to align their goals regarding the boycott movement against companies or brands originating from and/or supporting Israel so that there would be no wrong targets in the future.

“At Christmas and New Year we hope that consumption will increase so that there will be economic growth and job opportunities will be created,” said the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Furthermore, Sandi emphasized that his party would focus on the “Proudly Made in Indonesia” movement. Moreover, National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) 12.12 will take place soon.

“We hope that people will increase consumption spending which will encourage economic growth, especially in the frame of “Proudly Made in Indonesia”,” said Sandi.

Meanwhile, Sandiaga explained that Israel’s aggression in Palestine had not yet had an impact on the number of visits by foreign tourists (tourists) and the movement of domestic tourists (wisnus).

For your information, Israel has resumed intensive attacks in Palestine, especially in the northern and southern parts of Gaza. The Israeli military has confirmed that it is expanding its ground operations throughout Gaza, Sunday (3/12/2023) evening.

This aggression has increasingly attracted the anger of the world community. One form of resistance carried out by society is the boycott movement against companies or brands originating from and/or supporting Israel.

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