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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Satria-1 is preparing to be operated in the near future. However, the 150 Gbps satellite capacity still does not cover all public areas in 3T.

“Currently Satria-1 does not have sufficient capacity to cover all public areas, public services that are not covered by terrestrial technology,” said Bakti Main Director, Fadhilah Mathar when met at the Bakti office, Friday (15/12/2023).

For this reason, more capacity is still needed which will later use the Satria-2. However, Fadhilah said the location would be different from the one covered by Satria-1.

There will be a new location that includes Satria-2 later. “But it is more about new locations that are not covered by fiber optic or mic ro wave technology,” he said.

Fadhilah said the capacity of Satria-2 is 300 Gbps. This figure is greater than the Satria-1, namely 150 Gbps.

Currently, the procurement of Satria-2 is still being discussed at Bappenas and the Ministry of Finance to be included in the green book, namely the list of projects whose funding has been approved.

“Like 2024 [mulai pengadaan], but don’t know what quarter yet. “We want to do more mapping so we can stay targeted,” said Fadhilah.

Last week, Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie also carried out integration and activation trials of Satria-1. Ui was attempted in six locations in Manokwari City, Jayapura City, Ambon City, Batam City, Kupang City and Banjarbaru City.

The trial was carried out directly by video conference. It is certain that Satria-1 internet access can be used properly.

When tested, the uplink was found to be 3 Mbps while the downlink was 10 Mbps. Sri Sanggrama Aradea, Head of the Satellite Division of the Communication and Information Accessibility Agency (Bakti), explained that these results were quite ideal for Satria-1.

“That’s enough. Because if we look at the results of our current experience, 4 Mbps per location is sufficient, for us to go online, etc.,” said Aradea.

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