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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Fraudulent applications are surprisingly easy to create. One hour is the time it takes to create malicious software that can access the camera, messages, calls, storage, microphone, location, contacts of the victim’s phone.

Another fact was revealed: in a relatively short time, cyber threat hunter Ngo Minh Hieu from the Vietnam National Cyber ​​Security Center discovered more than half a million applications malware something like that is made every day.

Hieu mentioned manufacturing malware it is so commonplace that there are publicly available tools, known as open source software, that fraudsters can use to automate their applications.

“This is usually the first step for most hackers today,” said Hieu, as reported by Channel News Asia (CNA), quoted Saturday (25/11/2023).

According to Hieu, application creation malware a bit like a make-your-own salad bowl, where hackers can choose what features they want for their app, such as access to victims’ messages, and get the final product within an hour.

“Hack and scam resources are also easy to find on the Telegram messaging app, where developers share tips and tricks,” he explained.

Hieu said, for those who don’t have technical experience, get the app malware as easy as shopping on the eBay e-commerce platform. Fraudsters can use Telegram to subscribe “malware as a service” or “phishing as a service“, which means for a fee of US$300 to US$500, they can access malware their choice for a month.

Hieu himself knows a thing or two about how con artists work malware because he was the perpetrator of this. At 14, he was hacking “just for fun” and when he was 16, he started making money by stealing credit card details, which helped fund his college education in New Zealand.

“There have also been high-profile incidents targeting specific politicians or journalists to steal information,” Hieu said. “It takes a lot of money and time to invest or research these vulnerabilities (over the phone).”

He mentioned the application malware it could affect Android, Windows or iOS. “Mobile phone security features will never catch up to 100 percent manufacturing levels malware. Every day, I find more than half a million malware new,” he said.

Meanwhile, according to data from the country’s Information Security Authority, Vietnam saw a 64% increase in online fraud in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year. The increase in the number of incidents in the last five years is related to malware.

According to the Global Technology Council, the large number of fraudulent activities has made Vietnam one of the 10 largest cybercrime centers in the world.

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