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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An unemployed person sent 5,000 job applications with just one “click” using an artificial intelligence (AI) device. The result was an interview call from 20 companies.

A report from Wired tells the story of Julian Joseph, an unemployed software engineer.

Joseph used an AI tool called LazyApply to create and send 5,000 job application letters via email with just one click. Of the 5,000 applications sent, he received interview calls from 20 companies.

At the same time, Joseph also sent hundreds of application letters himself. The results were the same, namely interview calls from 20 companies.

This means that the thousands of application letters Joseph sent utilizing AI and the hundreds of application letters he sent himself, resulted in the same number of interview calls.

However, the data shows that the success rate of AI is much smaller than “manual methods.”

“The fact a device like this is available is a sign that something is wrong with the process [pencarian kerja]. “I see this as taking over the power that has been held by the company,” Joseph said Wired, quoted on Wednesday (15/11/2023).

The convenience offered by LazyApply really eases the process that job applicants have to go through. However, AI tools like LazyApply also have the potential to flood companies with application letters.

Applications from people with the right qualifications have the potential to be buried under thousands of AI-generated application letters.

However, Futurism stated that the presence of AI for applicants is natural because companies are now increasingly relying on automatic devices, including AI, to screen incoming applications.

This means that companies use AI to filter applications created by AI.

Joseph’s experience shows that AI is not yet able to provide added value in the job search process.

Joseph did receive two interesting interview calls, namely from Apple and from the White House. The problem is, the interview opportunity was not the result of the thousands of applications for AI work that he sent. Both were obtained from acquaintances, not AI.

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