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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – It is believed that the character, attitude and mental stability of parents can influence the child’s growth and development process. Often, parents with poor mental conditions are considered to be unable to educate their children so that they can develop well.

However, this assumption turns out to not always be true. Quoting from CNBC Make It, a study published by Frontiers of Psychology found that fathers who have anxiety or depression are able to raise children who are smarter and better behaved.

In the study, researchers observed 61 children consisting of 36 boys and 25 girls, and their parents. During the study, experts examined how symptoms of depression or anxiety in fathers during the pregnancy period and when the children were between six and eight years old influenced the child’s behavior.

Initially, researchers hypothesized that fathers who were depressed would produce children who were depressed and less intelligent. However, the results are actually contradictory. Researchers found that all children raised by fathers with depressive symptoms had better levels of attention and test scores.

Based on the results of questionnaires filled out by parents, children whose fathers were depressed were more able to sit still for longer periods, had a good level of patience, and had good attention.

In addition, standard tests and research also find that children with depressed fathers have higher intelligence quotient (IQ).

Then, what about children who have mothers with symptoms of depression?

To date, many studies have found that children raised by mothers with depressive or anxious tendencies tend to grow up with developmental problems.

One 2018 paper reviewing 18 studies showed that anxiety, both from mothers and fathers, had a negative impact on offspring. However, the influence of maternal anxiety has a greater impact.

One of the paper’s authors and a professor in McGill University’s department of educational psychology and counseling, Tina Montreuil, said that one possible reason why depressed fathers are able to produce better children is because fathers make adjustments as parents.

According to Tina, adjustments that fathers with depression might make as parents are being aware of and responsive to their child’s emotions.

“Greater levels of parental attunement are associated with children’s cognitive and social competence; one potential explanation is that the fathers in our study sample may have shown greater attunement to their children to ‘compensate’ for environmental risk factors,” said Tina, quoted on Tuesday. (5/12/2023).

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