Taylor Swift’s New Album is Exciting, “On Sale” The Story of a Broken Heart Makes You Addictive

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Taylor Swift fans are enjoying the release of their favorite singer’s 11th album, namely “The Tortured Poets Department”. The album depicts the anger, sadness, longing, and confusion that fans love in a breakup song.

This song tells the story of someone’s broken heart because the man who put a ring on their wedding finger has now left them.

Reporting from CNN International, experts say listening to ‘distressed’ music is normal and often helps. And Taylor Swift even shared her own philosophy in an Instagram post about the album.

“This author firmly believes that our tears become sacred in the form of ink on a note. Once we tell our saddest stories, we can be free from them,” said Arianna Galligher, director of Gabbe’s Office of Well-Being and the Stress, Trauma, and Resilience (STAR) Program ) at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center quoted on Saturday (20/4/2024).

It can be helpful to have the opportunity to explore more painful emotions and feel that it is okay because other people have experienced them and are experiencing them.

“We all fall into the trap of avoiding these emotions. To be able to return to that time, think of it as a process of that time.”

That process may lead to greater acceptance of those experiences and it’s okay if you never feel completely okay with them.

He likes to train patients’ mindfulness by combining it with activities they enjoy – because it’s much easier to stay in the present when you’re doing something you enjoy.

“Things like that can interest us and allow us to express our emotions in the moment,” he said.

Photo: Cover of Taylor Swift’s album The Tortured Poets Department. (Instagram @taylorswift)
Taylor Swift album cover The Tortured Poets Department. (Instagram @taylorswift)

Not Just Heartbroken Songs

“Swift’s success in her breakup songs probably stems from the nuances she embraced in her writing,” Galligher said.

Although there is sadness and loss in his writing, he also tends to highlight themes of empowerment in his work.

In the song on her new album, “Fresh Out the Slammer,” Swift writes about the change from “disappearing every day just to catch a glimpse of her smile” to learning, being free, and taking the lessons forward.

“A lot of the songs really provide balance in the conversation. And yes, (some of the songs) highlight ‘this is why I set boundaries,’ but often there are also lyrics that say ‘this is how I’ve grown and changed and what I’ve learned about myself me, and maybe what I would have done differently.’

“I think that kind of balanced exploration is a healthy model,” Galligher said.

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