Teten’s Subordinates Bluntly Say TikTok Shop Can’t Open at RI Tech – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Special Staff to the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs for Creative Economy Empowerment, Fiki Satari, said that his party would coordinate with the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) and the Ministry of Investment/BKPM regarding the TikTok Shop reopening in Indonesia. The reason is that the service can still operate the same as before it was closed.

When it officially reopens, users can still carry out shopping and transaction activities. Fiki said that according to regulations, social media such as TikTok are not allowed to carry out transactions.

Social media, he said, should be used as a place for promotion. Meanwhile, the marketplace is in charge of carrying out transaction activities.

“I saw what happened yesterday at 12.12 and the Buy Local program, but they are still selling on their social media, it shouldn’t be, according to regulations it is prohibited, that social media is a communication platform while TikTok carries out transactions,” said Fiki in his official statement, quoted Thursday (14/12/2023).

It is feared that if this continues to happen there will be misuse of data and algorithms. “From the social media side, we want to open up link out space on other platforms or websites. We have discussed these notes a lot, they are very vulnerable to misuse of data and algorithms,” he explained.

Fiki emphasized that the rules must apply in full. All parties must do this, including this also done by MSMEs who will be subject to sanctions. If they do not comply with regulatory aspects, they will be given sanctions. He also mentioned that the trial phase which is currently being carried out should only be internal.

“So if there is a need for socialization and adaptation, of course we understand very well, maybe in a technology journey there will be a trial version such as the User Acceptance Test (UAT) to test performance, function and security, but if it is still in the trial stage it should only be used “internally, not to be thrown out to the public, this is what we want to mitigate,” said Fiki.

Previously it was stated that the collaboration between TikTok and Tokopedia would begin with a trial project in the Buy Local campaign. This project will run from December 12 2023 to coincide with the Tiktok Shop starting to operate again.

Trade Minister Zulkifli’s comments regarding TikTok Shop opening in RI

On a previous occasion, Minister of Trade (Mendag) Zulkifli Hasan said that TikTok does not currently have an e-commerce permit. TikTok Shop is operated entirely by Tokopedia.

Zulkifli emphasized that TikTok is not e-commerce. Therefore, TikTok cannot provide sales services on its platform.

“So it’s like this, the e-commerce is Tokopedia. It is collaborating with TikTok. So TikTok is not e-commerce, it is selling Tokopedia,” said the Minister of Trade, Tuesday (12/12) yesterday.

However, he explained that the cooperation pattern between TikTok and Tokopedia uses high technology. Therefore, the partnership between the two companies first went through a trial period of 3-4 months.

“We audit, we see what kind of value it is. Technology is developing very fast, sometimes our regulations may not comply,” said the Minister of Trade.

Apart from that, the Minister of Trade emphasized that there was no e-commerce permit granted to TikTok. TikTok, he continued, cannot sell alone. The social media platform TikTok is separate from the ecommerce platform.

“Yes, you can’t sell TikTok, Tokopedia can sell it,” he said. The most important thing is that MSMEs will not stagnate because of us. For example, when we adjust, people stop trading and stop trying. “Well, we’re giving this a chance,” said Zulkifli.

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