The New King of Ecommerce is Dominated by China, America is Far Behind Tech – 14 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China dominates the e-commerce industry compared to the United States (US). This can be seen from research which shows that consumers spend more time on Temu than online shopping giant Amazon.

Based on Apptopia research, the number is almost twice as long on Temu.

On average, users spent 18 minutes per day on the Meet app in the second quarter, compared with 10 minutes on Amazon and 11 minutes on Alibaba Group’s AliExpress. Among younger users, time spent on Meet was 19 minutes.

Time spent on the platform or user engagement on Temu continues to increase. By October the increase was to around 22 minutes and widened the gap with shopping giants such as Amazon, Walmart Inc. and Targets.

This puts Temu’s involvement on a level of its own. Temu itself wants to convert buyers who have been hunting for cheap goods into regular customers so that it will encourage sustainable sales growth.

Quoting the report Yahoo Finance, Thursday (14/12/2023), based on this research, addictive applications are the core of the strategy. Because the app allows users to play games to win prizes, including spinning a roulette-like wheel to win coupons, the value of which increases if the customer buys something within 10 minutes.

The Temu app is available in more than 40 countries. In America, Temu is Apple’s top app and its number of transactions has far surpassed bargain store giant Shein.

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