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Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaColdplay has again announced the addition of the 2024 ‘Music of the Spheres World Tour’ concert schedule in Australia and New Zealand (New Zealand). In total, the British band will perform eight days in both countries. The addition of this schedule is also a breath of fresh air for Coldplay fans, including fans from Indonesia.

It is known that Coldplay only had a one-day concert in Jakarta. Apart from the limited number of tickets, quite a few fans also experience fraudulent transactions so that concerts in neighboring countries become an option.

However, all concert tickets in the nearest neighboring country, namely Singapore on January 23-24, January 26-27 and January 30-31 2024 have been sold out. Luckily, Coldplay “felt at home” with concerts in Australia and New Zealand, so they scheduled a gig for eight days there.

In detail, Chris Martin et al will perform in Australia on 30-31 October, 2-3 November and 6-7 November 2024, and 13 November and 15 November 2024 in New Zealand.

Luckily, the new general sale will take place the day after tomorrow, namely Friday, December 1 2023 at 10.00 local time.

Comparison of Coldplay Concert Ticket Prices in Australia, New Zealand and Jakarta

Photo: Coldplay concert at SUGBK, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/11/2023) evening. (Tripa Ramadhan/detikcom)

Quoting from the official Ticketmaster page as a third party, Australian Coldplay ‘Music of the Spheres 2024’ tickets are priced at US$76.39 to US$254.65 or around IDR 1.17 million to IDR 3.9 million (assuming an exchange rate of IDR 15,379/US$).

When referring to the 2023 concert, VIP tickets are priced at around US$441 to US$1,280 or around Rp. 6.78 million to Rp. 19.68 million.

Meanwhile in New Zealand, tickets for Coldplay ‘Music of the Spheres 2024’ New Zealand are priced at US$99.90 to US$249.90 or around Rp. 1.53 million to Rp. 3.84 million. However, VIP ticket prices for general sale have not yet been published.

When compared, Coldplay concert ticket prices in Australia and New Zealand are cheaper than in Indonesia. The most expensive ticket price for the Non-VIP category in Indonesia, namely CAT 1, it is still IDR 5 million.

Not only in Australia and New Zealand, Coldplay concert ticket prices in Indonesia are still more expensive compared to Singapore.

It is also important to note that the average minimum wage in Indonesia is much lower than in these countries, so the price disparity is higher.

Why are concert tickets for international musicians in Indonesia so expensive?

Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno at the B20 Summit talk show at BNDCC Nusa Dua Bali, Sunday (13/11/2022).  (CNBC Indonesia/Tri Susilo)Photo: Minister of Tourism Sandiaga Uno at the B20 Summit talk show at BNDCC Nusa Dua Bali, Sunday (13/11/2022). (CNBC Indonesia/Tri Susilo)

Not only the Indonesian people, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf), Sandiaga Uno, also admitted that the price of tickets for concerts and music festivals in Indonesia, especially those involving foreign musicians, is quite expensive.

He revealed that the high price of concert tickets was influenced by the costs of obtaining permits which were not cheap.

“So far, concert tickets have been expensive. Is that right? That’s right. This is because the costs of organizing them are super expensive. Official, non-official and security costs are not fixed and not transparent,” said Sandi in the Indonesia Tourism Outlook (ITO) 2024 in Jakarta, Tuesday (28/11/2023).

Solution from the Government for Cheap Concert Tickets

In order to eliminate the complexity of processing permits, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will digitize concert permits. Through digitalization, promoters will not experience difficulties and can incur cheaper costs when applying for permits.

“So using digital, at the direction of the government, we are digitalizing. We hope that we can carry out the licensing process for events, especially music, quickly, cheaply and without being complicated. Sat-set,” said Sandi.

“So we have tried this. We will continue to introduce it and the trend of music concerts will continue to increase,” he added.

For information, currently the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is conducting a trial of digitizing permits for holding events using an Electronic-Based Government System (SPBE).

Later, the process of applying for permits to organize events, including concerts and music festivals, will be easier because all licensing services will be carried out in One Single Submission (OSS) which is integrated with the Indonesian Police system.

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