The story of a housewife in India who is now the richest woman in the world

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – No one can predict a person’s fate in the future. That is what happened in the life of Savitri Jindal.

For 55 years, Savitri was just a housewife who did not get involved in business matters. However, along the way, a tragedy occurred that forced him to go into business. Thanks to this coercion, she studied business and is now the richest woman in the world with assets of US$ 37 billion or Rp. 590 trillion.

What’s the story?

Savitri Jindal was born in Tinsuka, March 20 1950. From childhood, growing up in Indian culture, her family had instilled in her that she had to become a Housewife (IRT) when she married. This doctrine was then properly implemented when she married Om Prakash Jindal (OP Jindal) in 1970.

OP Jindal is a small-time entrepreneur who has owned a bucket factory since 1952. However, over time, OP Jindal succeeded in transforming his business from just buckets to steel, mining, oil and gas and power generation in India. The company would later be known as the Jindal Group.

Jindal Group’s rapid transformation has nothing to do with Savitri. She continues to carry out her duties as a housewife who takes care of her children. In fact, when her husband was an official, he still carried out his duties and only accompanied her at certain moments. All this was done for 55 years.

“In my family, women don’t dare go out. I am responsible for the house. Men take care of those outside,” he said Forbes India when responding to the reasons why he is rarely in the media spotlight, quoted on Saturday (18/5/2024).

However, in 2005 a tragedy occurred that changed Savitri’s life. Her husband and company owner died suddenly in a helicopter accident. Practically, there is no top leadership of the company. There is no will from her husband regarding the company. Not wanting her already big business to be destroyed, Savitri decided to break into culture. She was determined to leave the house and take her husband’s position as boss.

Even though they didn’t start from zero, in Savitri’s hands, the Jindal Group went faster. In reporting India Times, this can happen because he is willing to learn and has strong values ​​and great commitment. Apart from that, she was also successful in directing the company into various new businesses in line with her late husband’s values.

“Inspired by a humane approach to entrepreneurship, Jindal Group’s turnover quadrupled after he took over the company as chairman and established leadership positions in various businesses,” wrote India Times, quoted Saturday (18/5/2024).

Determining leadership positions means placing children in different business lines. With this, all children get a similar share, it can facilitate communication and strengthen solidarity.

“If one of them started a new project or had a problem, the brothers would sit down and talk about it,” he said.

Thanks to that, Savitri, who previously took care of the house and didn’t take care of business, is now the richest woman in the world. Forbes noted that he has assets of US$37 billion or Rp. 590 T and is ranked 42nd in the world as the richest person. Now, after 19 years, he has begun to distance himself from business matters and is more active in managing various philanthropic activities.

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