This Figure Reveals Prabowo is an Expert on Blusukan, Answers Hasto’s Satire News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The word ‘blusukan’ is starting to be used by the presidential and vice presidential candidate’s success teams. One of them was initiated by the Secretary of the Prabowo-Gibran National Campaign Team (TKN), Nusron Wahid.

Nusron said that Prabowo was an expert in blusukan. Prabowo often goes on trips to the market, even to disaster locations and flies everywhere.

“Blusukan belongs to anyone, Pak Prabowo is also a blusukan expert. He comes to the market, then comes to a disaster, then flies everywhere,” said Nusron to journalists at the TKN Prabowo Gibran Media Center in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Monday ( 11/12/2023).

Quoting, the Golkar Party politician also stated that the same thing was done to Gibran. The proof is that the vice presidential candidate number 2 went to Pasar Rumput, Setiabudi, South Jakarta on Monday (11/12/2023) and found complaints from traders.

Photo: Nusron Wahid. (Special)
Nusron Wahid. (Special)

“Mas Gibran especially went to the market today,” said Nusron

Nusron emphasized that the word ‘blusukan’ does not only belong to PDIP. But everyone has the right to use this word, a word already mentioned in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI).

“Firstly, we want to answer that if blusukan belongs to the PDIP, it is not in the Big Indonesian Dictionary. This means that if the term ‘blusukan’ belongs to the PDIP then the abbreviation KBBI changes to the Big Indonesian Bull Dictionary, not the Big Indonesian Dictionary,” explained Nusron.

Previously, Hasto Kristiyanto mentioned Prabowo Subianto during his political safari in Lebak, Banten. Hasto said that Prabowo is not Jokowi so he cannot visit.

“So why can’t Pak Prabowo do blusukan? Because Prabowo is not from the PDI Perjuangan. Prabowo is not Jokowi so he can’t do blusukan,” said Hasto in Lebak, Banten, Sunday (10/12/2023).

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