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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The beauty industry in Indonesia is experiencing growth. It is not surprising that this industry always provides maximum service supported by the latest technology.

This is done to maintain public trust and ultimately make service users satisfied.

Manager of Bening’s Clinic Kemang, Rudy Adyaksyah, said that his party currently has sophisticated technology to provide customer satisfaction. One of the most complete laser tools in Indonesia and the world, namely PicoSure.

“We have the PicoSure laser, the most complete and sophisticated laser in Indonesia. There is also a chromosome facial which is Bening’s Clinic’s signature, this tool can remove dead skin cells and blackheads without pain,” said Rudy to CNBC Indonesia, some time ago.

Apart from sophisticated equipment, Rudi also ensures that visitors who come to Bening’s Clinic get it service of excellence since I first opened the door.

Rudy said that his party provided the best service from the frontliners. Where prospective employees are given months of training before becoming Bening employees.

“We want patients when they come to feel comfortable and want to come back for treatment and pamper their facial skin,” explained Rudy.

Currently Bening’s has 60 active branches in Indonesia and patient membership cards can be used at all branches in Indonesia. This will make it easier for members to carry out maintenance wherever they are.

Previously, CEO of Benings Clinic, Oki Pratama said The beauty business in Indonesia has bright prospects in the future. In fact, the beauty business in Indonesia will be able to compete with other countries such as Thailand or South Korea.

“In 2024, I am sure this will increase even more because Indonesia is not yet at its peak because it is not yet like countries like Thailand, South Korea, where every community aware with beauty, use skincare and I am sure Indonesia will enter that phase. “We don’t know what year it will be,” said Oki to CNBC Indonesia some time ago.

Oki explained that currently there is a beauty trend in Indonesian society, where the use of skincare is starting to become widespread. However, quite a few of them do not understand the selection of quality beauty products due to their lack of skin care literacy.

“It’s just that I am more about educating the Indonesian people about the importance of using it skincare which is safe because many people in the lower middle class don’t know yet skincare “What kind of good ones, even what kind of certified beauty clinics are there,” explained Oki.

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