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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Several countries are competing to develop sophisticated ‘killer robots’ relying on artificial intelligence (AI) technology. These include Israel, the United States (US), and China.

In fact, killer robots have actually begun to be used in Israel’s war against the Palestinian Hamas group which killed more than 15,000 residents in Gaza.

Quoting the report PoliticoMonday (27/11/2023), within hours of Hamas attacking Israel on October 7, a Silicon Valley company called ‘Skydio’ received an email from the Israeli military.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s troops requested the supply of advanced drones to navigate obstacles automatically. The drone can also scan complex building structures into 3D visuals.

Skydio agreed to the request from the Israeli military. In the three weeks since the Hamas attack, the Israeli military has received more than 100 drones. Until now, drones are still being supplied to Israel, according to Skydio official Mark Valentine, who is in contact with Netanyahu’s government.

Skydio is not the only US technology company that is supplying weapons to Israel in crushing the Hamas group. Israel is also said to be requesting supplies of advanced military equipment from several new US-based manufacturers.

Israel has now used unmanned drones (self-piloting drones) for indoor attacks. Reports say there are more than 200 drones that have been transferred from US companies to Israel, according to a DefenseScoop report.

The CEO of Fortem Technologies, which supplies automated drones to Ukraine, said his party had held initial discussions with Israel about developing an AI system in Gaza.

Activists advocating the ethics of AI have expressed concerns about the Israeli military’s use of automated systems to target Palestinian civilians.

The Israeli Defense Minister did not respond to a request for confirmation regarding the use of AI in the attempted attack on Gaza.

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