This Rosella Cluster Continues to Grow Thanks to BRI Empowerment

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Rosella is a tropical plant originating from the African continent. But now, the plant with the Latin name Hibiscus Sabdariffa is well known in various parts of the world, including Indonesia. The allure of rosella is that its beautiful blush red color not only makes the plant look beautiful in the yard, but also adds aesthetic value to the eye.

That’s the view when entering Rosella Village in Sumberdem Village, Wonosari District, Malang Regency. Rosella Village is one of five thematic villages in Sumberdem Village which has its own charm. Usually, visitors who come to Rosella Village are children from schools for early childhood education and students who come for final project research.

The head of the Rosella Cluster, Tiarsih, said that Rosella Village was founded in 2019, because the local residents had high awareness that the rosella in their area had many benefits. Plus, the enthusiasm of local residents to innovate in cultivating this plant.

“The rosella plant is attractive because of its color, but it is also a commodity in our area because it has many benefits, so we cultivate it. We plant this rosella plant in our yard too,” said Tiarsih in a written statement quoted on Sunday (16/6/2024) .

The benefits of the rosella plant, said Tiarsih, are to neutralize blood sugar levels, reduce high blood pressure, increase immunity, and also act as an antioxidant. Based on these benefits, Kampung Rosella has also innovated in processing rosella flowers into various processed products, with unique and interesting flavors, such as botanical drinks and dodol.

The residents’ interest in the rosella plant apparently received full support from the village head, until finally this medicinal plant became one of the region’s superior potentials.

“Rosella Village collaborates with the Regional Government and BUMDes where every resident who has a party or other event can use or buy our own products, not from outside products. The aim is to help each other and provide added value to our processed products,” he said.

Apart from that, Rosella Village or Rosella Cluster also receives support from BRI starting from business funding, business empowerment programs and obtaining equipment assistance.
Through the Kulasterkujiwaku empowerment program, the Rosella Village Cluster received assistance from BRI to develop its products. In terms of marketing, BRI also continues to help Kampung Rosella to continue marketing its superior products so that they become more widely known.

“Every exhibition or bazaar activity held by BRI, we always help. Our products are also available at Localoka Malang. We hope that our market reach will be even wider. Not only will sales run smoothly but our residents can also improve their economy,” he continued.

Assistance with Business Equipment and Halal Certification

To increase production and sales, BRI distributed business equipment to the Rosella Village Cluster in the form of electric and manual flower dryers and dodol mixers. This dryer is really needed because the Rosella Village area is in a highland mountainous area.

“The rainfall is high, that’s why we were given the help of a dryer or oven to dry the rosellas. There are two ovens, electric and manual which use a stove, if the electricity goes out in our area. So with a manual oven, we can still carry out the processing process,” said Tiarsih Again.

Apart from helping to encourage business productivity, BRI also helps the Rosella Village Cluster obtain permits such as Home Industry Products (PIRT), Business Permit Numbers (NIB), and halal certification for each product made from the main ingredient of rosella.

He added, currently, processed rosella flower products have also been marketed at the national level. This success was achieved thanks to assistance from BRI which helped market the product.

“Every time there is an MSME event, Rosella Village always gets invitations to attend and sell its products,” added Tiarsih.

On a separate occasion, BRI Micro Business Director Supari revealed that in general, BRI’s micro business strategy in 2024 will focus on empowerment before financing.

“BRI as a bank that is committed to MSME players has an empowerment framework starting from the basic phase, integration, to interconnection,” said Supari.

This will be the backbone of the implementation of empowerment programs initiated by BRI, such as BRILiaN Village, KlasterkuHidupku, Local Inspirational Figures (FIL), and LinkUMKM (online empowerment platform).

“Through various empowerment programs, BRI is trying to provide a one stop solution to micro business actors, not only in the financial sector, but also non-financial ones according to the needs of MSME players,” said Supari.

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