Through This Program, Bank Mega Boosts My Money Debit Card Transactions – 29 minutes ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Mega Tbk is again holding the “Meriah Bareng Mega” lottery program with the tagline “It’s Easy to Win”. This program is intended for individual customers who have Mega Dana or Mega Maxi savings.

Deputy President Director of Bank Mega, Diza Larentie, said that his party is targeting to increase debit card transactions through this program, especially transactions via e-commerce.

“So with customer transactions, we hope that customers increase the amount of savings so that they become confident. Whatever needs are needed, just use Bank Mega. Not only transactions with debit cards, but also financial transactions,” he said at the Meriah Bareng Mega Easy Win press conference. , Friday (1/12/2023).

Apart from that, he said, through this program Bank Mega is targeting an increase in customer transactions using the M-Smile application. Where currently almost 70% of customers have used mobile banking.

Diza also explained that in the Meriah Bareng Mega program for the 2022 period, Bank Mega recorded a new ratio of low-cost funds or Current Account Saving Accounts (CASA) from almost 100 thousand customers.

“I see this as a successful program because we are encouraging the general public to flock to save at Bank Mega. The CASA composition as of September was 34%. We hope that through this program it will increase the CASA composition and we can get cheap funds and we will improve the cost of funds,” ” he said.

Furthermore, Diza said that Bank Mega was continuing the Meriah Bareng Mega program as an appreciation to customers and at the same time encouraging people to save for better future planning. Seeing the enthusiasm of customers and potential customers in the Meriah Bareng Mega program in the previous period, Bank Mega conducted research to determine the types of prizes that were useful preferences for customers.

In this finding, most prefer gifts such as cars, TVs and gold. Apart from that, Bank Mega added an alternative prize in the form of an Air Purifier, considering the very high air pollution conditions in various cities in Indonesia.

At Meriah Bareng Mega, Bank Mega opens the opportunity for customers who win prizes drawn every month to win prizes again in the following month. Including the opportunity to win the Grand Prize.

During this period, Bank Mega provides hundreds of attractive prizes every month. There are 708 prizes that customers can get through drawings during the 7 months of the program.

In fact, as the main prize in each monthly draw, Bank Mega gives 7 units of the Honda W-RV E CVT SUV to 7 winners for 7 months.

Other prizes given every month are 210 10 gram Precious Metals for 30 winners, 245 units of Samsung LED TV 50″ UHD Smart for 35 winners, and 245 units of Sharp Air Purifier for 35 winners.

There is also a Grand Prize in the form of 1 unit of BMW 520i M Sport which will be drawn at the end of the program period.

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