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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Sleep quality can be influenced by the comfort level of the mattress and bed used. If you use an old mattress, sleep comfort can usually be reduced and this will affect sleep quality.

If your sleep quality decreases, then you have to be careful because you may not have enough energy in your daily life. For this reason, buying a new mattress could be the solution. Of course, also pay attention to the price because most mattresses are quite expensive.

You can buy comfortable and cheap mattresses at the Transmart Full Day Sale which will greet customers again, tomorrow Sunday (19/11/2023). This program only lasts from shop opening hours until 22.00 local time in all outlets in Indonesia.

So what mattresses can you take home at a cheap price? Firstly, there is the Resta Geo 2in1 set 120x200cm from the normal price of IDR 10,500,000/unit to only IDR 3,999,200/unit. This price applies in Jabodetabek, Karawang and Serang.

Meanwhile, for prices outside Jabodetabek, the price is discounted from the normal price of IDR 13,860,000/unit to only IDR 4,399,200.

There are also other brands such as Comforta Twinkle Duo 2in1 120×200 cm from the normal price of IDR 13,100,000, discounted to IDR 5,240,000. Meanwhile in Medan the normal price is IDR 14,150,000 to only IDR 5,660,000.

For complete comfort, you can also buy the Calgary Sofabed Black which has a discount of IDR 3,599,200 from the normal price of IDR 4,799,000/unit.

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