Transmart Full Day Sale Only Tomorrow, Luxury Mattress Price IDR 5 Million Available on Transmart News – 12 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Transmart Full Day Sale will return on Sunday (26/11/2023). This massive discount program is ready to be held at all Transmart Indonesia outlets, starting from when the store opens until 22.00 local time.

Visitors will get discounts of up to 50% for shopping for various daily necessities, electronic goods, and even electric bicycles. Apart from that, visitors can also get an additional 20% discount if they make payments with Allo Bank, Bank Mega Credit Card, Sharia Financing Card (Syariah Card) from Bank Mega Syariah.

Specifically for this program, the Airland New Ottawa Set 180×200 cm brand mattress is one of the products with a very big discount at Transmart. Where the mattress costing Rp. 20 million is priced at a promotional price of Rp. 7,199,000 million, and is discounted to Rp. 5,759,200. This price applies on the island of Java. Meanwhile for Medan and Makassar, Airland New Ottawa Set 180×200 cm is priced at IDR 5,999,200.

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There is also a bunk bed from Fenton Bunked 100×200 cm black/white at a price of IDR 3,199,200 from the normal price of IDR 5,499,000 and a promo price of IDR 3,890,000 for outside Java. Meanwhile, for returning to Java, Fenton Bunked 100×200 cm black/white is priced at IDR 3,039,200.

There is also a Resta E Mattress 160×200 cm which is priced at just IDR 1,520,00 from the normal price of IDR 9,450,000 and the promotional price of IDR 1,900,000. This price applies to buyers on the island of Java, while for Medan Makassar, Resta E Mattress 160×200 cm costs IDR 1,584,000.

Want more comfort? Get a comfortable Winkley Glider Recliner Arm Chair Brown sofa for IDR 2,959,200 from the normal price of IDR 4,999,000 and the promo price of IDR 3,699,000 for the island of Java.

Interesting right? Let’s shop for necessities at Transmart!

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