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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Massive discount promos of up to 50% + 20% are back at Transmart. The Transmart Full Day Sale discount party will be held again today, Sunday (12/11/2023) from shop opening until 22.00 at Transmart throughout Indonesia.

Based on CNBC Indonesia’s monitoring at Transmart Kota Kasablanka, South Jakarta, it is not only electronic products that are selling well with customers, it turns out that electric bicycles are also being targeted by today’s Transmart Full Day Sale customers.

For example, Rifai and his wife, a husband and wife who are loyal Transmart customers, admitted that they had been waiting for the big discount moment at the Transmart Full Day Sale to bring home an electric bicycle.

“I often (shop at Transmart). Indeed, I have been waiting for a discount (Transmart Full Day Sale) since yesterday. Coincidentally there is today,” said Rifai when met at the location, Sunday (12/11/2023).

On the occasion of the Transmart Full Day Sale today, Rifai managed to bring home an electric bicycle from the Selis Anyer brand for only IDR 3.54 million, which is the normal price of IDR 5.9 million, in total Rifai has saved IDR 2.36 million. The discount that Rifai got today was because he used a Bank Mega credit card, so he got an additional 20% discount.

Photo: CNBC Indonesia/Martya Sari
Discount on electric bicycles at Transmart Full Day Sale. (CNBC Indonesia/Martya Sari)

“I got IDR 3.5 million, it’s basically cheap, because of the discount. (And because) I use Bank Mega,” he said.

Apart from buying an electric bicycle, Rifai also bought a Polytron brand AC unit, namely Polytron AC Split 1 PK. From the price of Rp. 4.19 million, meanwhile, because Rifai paid using a Bank Mega credit card, he only paid Rp. 3.06 million. Rifai has saved IDR 1.13 million.

Rifai admitted that for daily needs, he also often shops at Transmart. He admitted that he likes shopping at Transmart because it is comfortable and cheap because there are often discounts, as is the case today at the Transmart Full Day Sale.

“Indeed, we often come here, monthly too. Yes, it’s quite complete. Comfortable and cheap when there are discounts. Yes, I’m happy (there are discounts),” he said.

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