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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Regular consumption of fruit plays a role in maintaining body health, especially amidst the recent uncertain weather. Fruit contains various types of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients needed to maintain health.

Regular consumption of fruit can prevent us from contracting certain diseases, and can be a ‘medicine’ for the body. People can regularly consume dragon fruit, one of the tropical fruits with flavor which is sweet and delicious.

To buy quality Dragon fruit but still save your money, you can find it at the Transmart Full Day Sale today, Sunday (15/10/2023). This discount party starting when the shop opens in the morning until closing at all Transmart outlets in Indonesia.

Red Dragon fruit in the Balikpapan, Jambi and Karawang areas can be brought home for IDR 2,632 from IDR 3,290. Another area, namely Denpasar, can get this fruit for IDR 3,360 from the normal price of IDR 4,200.

Meanwhile, visitors to Transmart Jabodetabek, Bandung and Makassar can get it for IDR 1,912 from the normal price of IDR 2,390. Then in Central Java this fruit is priced at IDR 2,152 from IDR 2,690.

The discount also applies in East Java and Manado, namely IDR 2,392 from the initial price of IDR 2,990. Furthermore, in Kupang, this fruit is discounted to IDR 3,752 from the price of IDR 4,690.

Not to forget that in Lampung and Pekanbaru it is also discounted to IDR 2,560 from the price of IDR 3,200. Then there are Mataram and Padang which are priced at IDR 1,992 from the initial price of IDR 2,490.

Next in Medan, Palembang and Palu it is discounted to IDR 2,232 from the price of IDR 2,790. Then in Pangkalpinang, this fruit is priced at IDR 3,080 from IDR 3,850. Finally, there is the Pontianak area which is priced at IDR 1,392 from the normal price of IDR 1,740.

This offer applies to customers who use Bank Mega credit cards, Bank Mega Syariah credit cards, and the Allo Bank Allo Prime application including the Allo Paylater service.

Not only dragon fruit, this massive discount party of up to 50% + 20% also applies to various daily necessities, electronic goods, and even electric bicycles. Come on, shop at Transmart. Do not miss!

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