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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– The biggest shopping center Transmart is again presenting the Transmart Full Day Sale. This discount party will be held on Sunday, November 19 2023, this special offer will be available with discounts of up to 50% + 20%.

Transmart Full Day Sale will be held simultaneously for one full day at all Transmart outlets throughout Indonesia. Special discounts are valid from when the shop opens until 22.00 local time for various products that are being sought after by the public.

Various shoe products for both children and adults can also be found at low prices at the Transmart Full Day Sale.

First, there are men’s shoes from the Dr. Kevin with a special price of IDR 120,000 and an additional 20% discount. You can enjoy additional discounts by paying using Allo Bank with Allo Prime, Bank Mega, and Bank Mega Syariah.

Apart from that, children’s sneakers from Justice League and Disney Princes are at a special price of IDR 299,000 and children’s Zandilac sandals are at IDR 60,000, don’t forget there is an additional 20% discount.

Flat shoes from brands Otha and Dr. Kevin also has a 50% + 20% discount which is interesting to look at. Don’t forget there is an additional 20% discount when paying using Allo Bank or Bank Mega and Mega Syariah credit cards. Do not miss, Come on, let’s go to Transmart.

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