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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Global fashion brand, ZARA, has become the new target of boycotts from global netizens. Not without reason, the call for a boycott was made after ZARA released a photo of its latest collection catalog with a concept that was deemed to ridicule the humanitarian crisis in Palestine.

In photos of its latest collection entitled “ZARA Atelier Collection 04”, the retail company uses props in the form of statues with missing limbs. The model poses in a setting of dusty building ruins.

Apart from that, there is one photo that shows the catalog model holding a mannequin wrapped in white plastic so that it looks like a corpse that has been shrouded. However, the photo has been removed from the official page and social media.

Images in Zara's latest campaign have been removed after fans criticized them for depicting scenes of destruction in Gaza.  (Doc: Zara)Photo: (Doc: Zara)
Images in Zara’s latest campaign have been removed after fans criticized them for depicting scenes of destruction in Gaza. (Doc: Zara)

Even though the photo allegedly mocking the situation in Palestine has been deleted, netizens’ anger has already surfaced and ZARA has been called for a boycott.

“How disgusting is it that you (ZARA) support massacres under the pretext of “Art”? #freepalestine,” wrote one netizen on Instagram on the official ZARA account (@zara), quoted Monday (11/12/2023).

“Even this doesn’t look good, artistic, or fashionable. This is clearly a scene for your (ZARA’s) vile agenda to mock, normalize, or make genocide a fashion trend. We will not buy any more ZARA products. Millions of Muslims in the whole world will boycott and goodbye ZARA,” criticized another Instagram user.

In addition to the criticism, Palestinian flag emojis, the Free Palestine hashtag, and calls to “BOYCOTT ZARA!” also flooded the comments column on ZARA’s Instagram account, even uploading last November.

Reporting from The National, the catalog was photographed by Tim Walker with style direction by the French-American company, Baron & Baron and model from the United States (US), Kristen McMenamy. In the catalogue, McMenamy wears a series of jackets in a white room surrounded by wooden crates and concrete rubble.

Not only did McMenamy lift a mannequin that looked like a corpse surrounded by concrete debris, ZARA also displayed another photo that looked dirty due to crushed white concrete.

Until now, ZARA has not provided an official statement regarding the catalog photo controversy and has not responded to the strong reactions from netizens.

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