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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A viral video on TikTok depicts the luxurious compound of Israeli soldiers. This glamorous facility was built right near the Gaza war zone.

Launch BusinessInsider, Monday (27/11/2023), the video was uploaded by a user named Shita Hakdosha. In the video which was also uploaded on X Twitter, you can see the various facilities in the recovery complex

There are several food options, video games, massage chairs, and a number of other facilities inside. All available for those who have just returned from the war in Gaza.

“The soldiers worked very hard. Here they can relax and restore energy to win this war,” said the person who mentioned the facilities in the complex.

The picture seen from the video is in stark contrast to what is happening in Gaza. More than a month after the war broke out, millions of people died and local communities could not get access to clean water, electricity or fuel.

BusinessInsider revealed that the TikTok account was connected to the Standing Together/Chesed V’Rachamin campaign run by Shai Graucher. He is the son of the famous Israeli Orthodox Jewish singer, Oded David Graucher.

The campaign is to provide a number of facilities to the Israeli public and army. Starting from support for victims’ families to packages of needs.

“[kampanye bertujuan] for personal visits and financial support to victims’ families, hospital visits for injured soldiers and civilians, packages of necessities and toys for refugee families, and Tefillin and other religious articles for soldiers and families,” the site wrote.

Apart from that, there is also coordination for visits to military bases and the provision of supply packages to Israeli soldiers. So far, the institution has collected more than US$4.6 million (Rp. 71.2 billion) of its target of US$7.5 million (Rp. 116.2 billion).

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