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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The maintenance demands submitted by Inara Rusli to Virgoun reached IDR 12 billion. Virgoun himself admitted that he was unable to fulfill these demands.

“I don’t think I have that much money,” he said when met at the West Jakarta Religious Court, as quoted second.

Inara also responded to Virgoun’s statement. According to Inara, such a large figure can be paid in installments.

“Yes, IDR 12 billion isn’t that much money right up front, right? The system can be done in stages,” said Inara Rusli, met at the West Jakarta Religious Court.

Last May, Inara said that the cost of raising one child to adulthood requires IDR 3 billion. Since Virgoun and Inara have three biological children, if one child needs IDR 3 billion and multiply it by three, the result is IDR 9 billion.

The most important thing to pay attention to regarding the costs of raising children is the cost of children’s education. It’s no secret, the initial fee is the money you first pay when you enter school.

Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) shows that every new academic year there will be an increase in inflation in the education sector. For example, in August 2022, education cost inflation was recorded at 2.38% when viewed on an annual basis.

The following is the calculation of initial fee inflation from Financial Expert CNBC Indonesia.

Check your child’s school tuition fees

Not a few experts or financial planners or even insurance companies say that inflation in school tuition fees in Indonesia reaches 10-15% per year.

CNBC Indonesia’s Financial Expert summarizes information regarding the cost of starting fees at various private schools in the Jakarta area in 2022. Each level consists of five schools and an average score will be made from these five schools, below is the explanation.

So what about children’s higher education? Financial Expert CNBC Indonesia has also collected information regarding estimated tuition fees from five private universities in Jakarta in 2022 from information contained in brochures or interviews with the registration department of the universities concerned.

The costs listed in the column are the estimated costs of entering college until graduation, and include SKS costs. From these total costs, a calculation of the average costs at the five universities will also be made. The following is the explanation.

Total parent expenditure for children’s education costs?

If the person concerned chooses to send their child to a private school assuming the above average costs, then the following are the total expenses that must be paid if all costs refer to 2022 costs.

Without an increase or inflation in education costs in the future, it is possible that parents will only spend around IDR 200 million to send their children to adulthood.

So what’s the news, if every year there is an inflation of tuition fees that reaches 10% for kindergarten to high school tuition fees, while the total tuition fees at universities also increase by 10%?

Assuming someone has a child aged 0 years, this is the amount of education costs that will be borne by the parents.

The results of the education cost calculation obtained by the CNBC Indonesia Financial Expert team were IDR 1.3 billion, assuming the child was 0 years old.

This calculation certainly does not include tuition fees that are paid regularly and costs for purchasing books, uniforms, and so on.

And also know that this is only a rough calculation of the costs of a child’s education, not including costs related to basic needs such as clothing, food and shelter, as well as other costs related to entertainment.

So, if Inara says that a child’s income reaches IDR 3 billion, then the answer depends on which school is chosen and what the family’s lifestyle will be like.

When a state school is an option or the child succeeds in getting a scholarship facility, it is very likely that parents can save money on this mandatory thing.

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