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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia Investment is a very important thing to do. Especially for everyone who wants to realize their dream of financial independence in the future.

In fact, investing is more recommended than saving to achieve financial independence. The reason is, the return from an investment is considered to be greater than from saving which tends to be stagnant and even costs are discounted.

This was acknowledged by Financial Planner, Sayoga Risdya Prasetyo. According to him, investment could be an alternative so that the money set aside can continue to grow, especially in the capital market.

However, you need to remember, in investing, apart from being able to gain profits, there are also risks such as falling prices.

“It is highly recommended for beginners to start investing in mutual funds first, where your money is entrusted to people who are ‘experts’ in investment called Investment Managers. Let people who are investment experts develop the value of your money,” said Sayoga when contacted by CNBC Indonesia, Monday (27/11/2023).

If you want to continue investing in shares directly without the help of an investment manager, he suggests that investors set aside time to learn first. Also set aside a budget to learn stock analysis from people who have experience in the capital markets and are certified. If you have done that, then get used to starting with a small amount of money first.

“It is better to spend ‘a little money’ to study in the first year, rather than spending ‘a lot of money’ in the future, aka spending money because of reckless investment in the capital market with just reckless capital,” he explained.

To understand yourself with the science of capital market investment, Sayoga said there are many stock analysis methods that can be used. One of the most common is fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

As information, technical analysis is widely used by traders, so it requires technique to enter, because stock trading has a very important timing element. Meanwhile, fundamental analysis is usually used long term, so the timing requirements are not as strict as the technical approach.

Some people say they choose the fundamental flow, some choose the technical flow, and there are also those who choose to combine the two. According to him, there is no right or wrong, all three are certainly equally better than not using analysis at all.

Next, he also advised investors not to forget to use proper money management. This means that investors cannot invest 100% of their money in shares alone, let alone just one issuer.

“Make sure to diversify your investments into other forms of investment with varying potential risks, for example deposits, gold, and so on. So that if we lose in one investment instrument, we won’t suddenly fall into poverty because our assets are spread out in other forms,” ​​said he.

With these tips, investors will have a greater chance of achieving financial success. However, he continued, success in investing in the capital market cannot be achieved if someone ignores other financial success factors.

“For example, financial protection. If we are busy investing, but don’t have financial protection such as an emergency fund or insurance, what happens if an unexpected life risk occurs? Get sick or get laid off? All our investments are disbursed to continue living,” he said.

Sayoga has also encountered cases of young fresh graduates who were too busy spending time learning to invest, even though the main problem the child experienced was that their cash flow was not healthy and they were only able to save a small amount each month. He said that this case was another example of failure to achieve financial success.

“In fact, in my opinion, it would certainly be much better if he first used his savings to upgrade his skills and values ​​so he could get a bigger income than his current job. Then next time he will learn to invest in the capital market,” he added.

He concluded that capital market investment is indeed one of the right ways to achieve financial success. However, financial success also has many factors, such as finances which must be monitored comprehensively from many sides, and don’t think that investment is the only way to financial success.

“If you are confused about the strategy for financial success, confused about whether you have been following the right financial management strategy or not going the wrong way, don’t hesitate to consult with a certified financial planner,” he concluded.

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