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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the middle of next year, the earth will receive the Devil’s Comet. It is named so because the giant comet has two horns at the top made of gas and ice.

It is estimated that the devil’s comet is moving towards the inner part of the solar system and can most likely be seen with the naked eye when it reaches a fairly close distance to Earth.

The space object is formally referred to as comet 12/P Pons-Brooks. Quoted from NBC News, Saturday (4/11/2023), this comet does not threaten the planet.

On the other hand, 12/P Pons-Brooks can provide an opportunity for observers of celestial bodies to see the shape of a comet from a relatively close distance. The Devil’s Comet is said to orbit the Sun once every 71 years.

The Devil’s Comet’s closest point in the Sun’s orbit will occur on April 21, 2024. After that, on June 2, 2024, the Devil’s Comet will reach its closest point to Earth.

At that time, if the sky is clear and dark enough, astronomers say people around the world can see it with the naked eye.

So far, astronomers have been able to see the comet’s movement through special, sophisticated telescopes. According to astronomers’ reports, the Devil’s Comet was detected twice in the last four months, namely last July and early October.

When observed, the Devil’s Comet showed a large cloud of gas and ice debris. The comet appeared with two ‘horns’.

Amateur astronomer and professor who has retired from the University of Arizona School of Plant Sciences, Eliot Herman, captured an image of the Devil’s Comet and its horns with two telescopes some time ago.

According to him, the temporary horn that the Comet Devil has is the result of an ice eruption. The comet’s structure is similar to clouds made of gas and ice on Earth.

Comet 12/P Pons-Brooks was first discovered in 1812 by French astronomer Jean-Louis Pons. The object was observed back in 1883 by astronomer William Brooks.

After appearing at close range in April and July next year, the Devil’s Comet will not appear again for another 71 years.

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