Watching on LK21-IndoXXI Danger, These are 21 Official Tech Watch Sites – 10 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Watching pirated films online has its own dangers for those who enjoy it. Because illegal sites such as LK21 and IndoXXI can spread malware, and can pose scam or phishing threats.

Therefore, there is no longer any reason to watch streaming films via illegal sites. There are many options for watching films through various official applications and users only need to subscribe for a certain time and the provider guarantees security.

Each platform offers a variety of content from films to series for its viewers. Access is also fairly easy, including via the cellphone application which can be downloaded from either the App Store or Play Store.

1. Netflix
Currently, Netflix is ​​one of the most dominant platforms in the world. Users can enjoy lots of content from Hollywood films, Indonesia, Korea and a number of other countries.

Netflix also offers original content produced and only available on the platform. To subscribe, Netflix offers several packages starting from IDR 50 thousand.

2. Disney+ Hotstar
Disney+ Hotstar provides Marvel content and the latest films, as well as a number of foreign films and local original series.

Even the 2023 Oscars can be watched on Disney+ Hotstar. The 95th events ranged from red carpets to award shows for the film industry.

3. HBO Go
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For fans of content from HBO, this platform could be an option. The platform will provide shows from HBO Original, HBO Asia Original, and Hollywood.

Apart from that, there are also other popular films. New users can enjoy free access for the first 7 days.

4. Video
Vidio offers films and sports. There are also Indonesian films and series, Hollywood and Asian dramas.

Some content can be accessed for free. However, there are also those who have to subscribe first to be able to access it.

5. iQiyi
If you like films, dramas and anime from Asia, you can access iQiyi. To use and access all content, first activate a VIP account.

6. Click Movies
Klik Film offers many recommendations for films from Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong and other countries. This platform can be accessed via application and website.

7. Online Cinema
This platform offers services for watching Indonesian films without having to go to the cinema. The concept is the same, namely only paying for the films you watch.

8. Cinema Box
Streaming of this film is also available for the Play Store and App Store. Users can watch content and also download it so they can watch it offline or without an internet connection.

9. Viu
Fans of film, drama and variety show content from South Korea may be familiar with the name Viu. Apart from that, Viu also provides content from other countries, including Indonesia.

You need to subscribe to a VIP or Premium account to be able to access all content on the platform. Viu provides subscription prices starting from IDR 33 thousand per month.

10. CatchPlay+
Catchplay+ provides a number of cartoon films, Indonesian and Asian. You can access it for free, but to enjoy all the content, you can subscribe first. Prices start from IDR 45 thousand for one month of use.

11. WeTV
WeTV displays various films, series, anime and variety shows. Apart from that, there are also dramas from Korea, Thailand, China, Japan and other Asian countries. A number of content can be watched for free, but some require using a VIP account.

12. Genflix
Genflix can be an option for watching Indonesian, Hollywood films, as well as live shows and Korean dramas. You can subscribe to packages available daily to monthly.

13. iFlix
iFlix provides many box office films, TV series, Korean dramas, Indonesian films and shows for children. Like most other platforms, this platform can be accessed for free but some require a subscription.

14. Viki
Korean drama lovers can also use Viki to enjoy this content. Apart from that, there are also many series and films from other countries, including Indonesia. The content in it can be enjoyed for free or by subscription.

15. PrimeVideo
This service from Amazon provides many films and series from various countries including Hollywood. Prime Video also presents variety shows. To access it, you need a subscription for IDR 59 thousand/month.

16. Apple TV+
This streaming platform comes from Apple, providing a number of films and series, as well as original productions from Apple TV+. Including the film Coda which won an Oscar last year and several other famous content.

You can enjoy it by subscribing. One of them is worth IDR 99 thousand/month with 7 days free or subscription via Apple One service.

17. Lions Gate Play
Indonesian people can also try accessing Lions Gate Play. This service offers a variety of content from Hollywood, Bollywood, and original content. Users can subscribe to the platform for IDR 35 thousand per month.

18. CubMU
Transvison in April last year launched a new platform called CubMu which offers hundreds of Live TV channels, thousands of HD quality Video on Demand (VOD) directly from content providers to customers.

The CubMU application is said to be a new technology in the media world like a marketplace. You can buy a basic package starting from just IDR 9,900.

19. Mola
Mola offers quite complete content. In fact, not only entertainment but also streaming sports matches. Subscription prices start from IDR 60 thousand-IDR 160 thousand.

20. MAXstream
Since its launch in 2018, MAXstream has presented a variety of local and international content in the form of original MAXstream as well as collaborations from world-class streaming platforms.

21. Vision+
Vision+ consists of a variety of subscription options. Starting from IDR 35 thousand per month for Premium Sport to IDR 100 thousand for one year.

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