Water Difficulty, Cimenyan Residents Have Difficulty Bathing Until Wudu Lifestyle – 1 hour ago

Good Friends, have you ever imagined living with limited water access? Or forced to use the toilet as is?

You can’t take a shower in the morning, wash the dishes or wash clothes, you can’t even do your wudu as you should.

This water and sanitation problem is faced by the residents of Kaki Gunung, Cimenyan District, Bandung Regency. Especially when the dry season comes, water becomes increasingly limited, causing them to have to walk 1 to 3 hours to meet their daily water needs.

Faiz Manshur, as Chairman of the Odesa Foundation, said that as many as 80 percent of Cimenyan District are agricultural laborers who need water for their work.

“From the start, we wanted to empower farmers economically, but it turned out that there were obstacles and problems when during the harvest period it turned out that poor farmers didn’t have water. It would be useless if, for example, we wanted empowerment but there weren’t even basic things like water,” he concluded to the do-good team. .id.

He, who has been involved in the field of community empowerment for a long time, also stated that living without water means that Cimenyan residents experience poor sanitation. Moreover, their toilets are just huts, without walls and only covered with sacks or plastic. Meanwhile, toilets were built directly adjacent to the river.

Washing is rarely done. Many of them eat with plates that are still dirty.

The Odesa Foundation also took the initiative to build communal toilets that could be used by 10 to 40 families. Since 2017, 40 communal toilets have been successfully operational from a target of 140 locations in Cimenyan District and some in Cileunyi District, Bandung Regency.

The presence of this communal toilet has actually had many good impacts on the residents of Cimenyan Village. Many smiles were created through the provision of this toilet. The hope is that their standard of living can improve and they will live cleaner and healthier lives. No more residents suffer from diseases due to poor sanitation.

The presence of toilets as a means of water transit makes many people grateful and start living cleanly with adequate water and toilets.

“Thank God, now I can perform wudu at any time. I am happy that I can now perform wudu for Tahajud prayers,” said one resident, as told by Faiz.

Another, in emotion accompanied by tears, a resident said, “Since I was little, I didn’t know what it was like to take a shower in the morning, sir. Now I can shower twice a day, I don’t need to go far to get water. Thank God, thank God,” he continued.

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