Winergy Offers Electricity Solutions for Shrimp Pond MSMEs Tech – 14 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia-PT Pertamina (Persero) success in making pPertamina Muda (Pertamuda) Seed & Scale competition program. Pertamuda or Pertamina Seed and Scale 2023 is a program from Pertamina which is a business idea competency for state and private university students throughout Indonesia.

Different from previous years, in 2023 there will be two categories, namely Early Stage Startup and Energy Founder. Early Stage Startup is a category for start-up businesses, which can be businesses that are still at the ideation stage or businesses at the stage that still depend on seed funding. Meanwhile, the Energy Founder category is a category specifically intended for founders with business ideas in the energy sector.

One of the winners in the Founder category is Winergy, which provides reliable electricity supply solutions for shrimp farming SMEs and areas that have not yet been electrified. With an All-in-One solution from construction to monitoring through the Piko – Micro Hydro Hydro Power Plant (PLTA).

Agustinus Yudhistira, WS, a student of Electrical Power Engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology, thought of a way to keep the electricity running without turning off or fading.

“The technology we are using uses a turbine with a low head so it can be applied to almost all water flow conditions. The subscription-based business model through electricity payments ensures that the solutions we offer are affordable for users and of course profitable,” he said after receiving the award in Kuta, Bali.

According to him, shrimp farmers and villages need a reliable electricity network, but not all areas have a good level of electrification.

“So we are looking for ways to develop existing turbines, we move on water, but we are developing existing turbines. So the turbines have a low head or height because the turbines require a dam, only the dam here is relatively lower so the solution we offer it is more applicable so it reaches almost everyone,” he said.

Before making reliable electrical energy, he himself had studied the causes of shrimp death in one of the shrimp farms in West Java. Add shrimp need oxygen all day long from the rotating wheel. Meanwhile, mills that are driven by electricity sometimes jam or stop spinning when the power goes out.

“Just a little death, shrimp farmers can lose a lot, that’s why we are looking for new renewable energy methods that are as reliable as others,” he concluded.

Even though the electricity paid per month reaches IDR 18 million, its reliability is not yet able to meet the needs of shrimp farmers. Through the Pertamuda Seed and Scale event, he was able to express his ideas and make them a reality to help shrimp cultivation in the area where he lives.

It’s just that he admitted that he and the team only had basetechniques in creating programs or products, but from a business perspective, in order for it to be commercialized, it requires a team capable of business and management. He gained that insight from participating in this event.

When he met with investors through link and match sessions with investors, his mind was opened to the fact that investors’ views on a product and service were different from their technical views. Therefore, in the future he needs a team that understands business and management to develop his innovation.

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